Union Minister Gadkari's statement, Tesla's first car in India may cost from Rs 35 lakh.

At the event, the Union Minister announced that Tesla's starting pricing will be significantly lower than expected.

Tesla Model 3


. Tesla has been asking the Indian government to lower import taxes.

. Tesla has been invited by the Indian Government to produce automobiles in the country.

. It opposes the sale of Chinese-made automobiles in India.

. Tesla has yet to make a public announcement regarding its plans in India.

Participating in the India Today Conclave 2021, Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said that the price of Tesla cars in India could start from Rs 35 lakh. Gadkari's statement came during a conversation about alternative fuels, Highway speed limits, and other topics relating to the Indian Automotive sector.

Although it cannot be considered as a permanent announcement yet, it can be said that the Union Minister must have commented on this matter after some thought. According to some recent reports, Tesla has demanded the Indian Government to reduce the import tax. On the other hand, the Indian government has also put a condition for Tesla to produce electric vehicles in India, only after which decision will be taken on reducing the import duty.

Tesla Model 3

If Tesla imports and sells the Model 3 in India, its price can be 50 to 60 lakh rupees. Gadkari has also demanded Tesla not to sell Made in China cars. Instead, the Government has suggested Tesla to set up a plant in India to prepare cars for the domestic market and export them from here. The government has also talked about giving its full cooperation to Tesla in setting up the plant here. Due to this, the price of Model 3 can go up to Rs 35 lakh.

Apart from this, even after the reduction in import duty, its price may down, but the government's stand on this is not yet clear yet. If the government reduces the import duty, then there is also a possibility of harm to the domestic car manufacturer.

Now to what extent this statement of the Union Minister proves to be true, only time will tell and till a final decision is taken on it, the question mark will remain on Tesla's statement of starting operations in India.


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