Lifetime Warranty will now be available on parts of Volvo cars, will be replaced for free

Volvo's 'lifetime parts warranty' program begins on the vehicle's purchase date and continues until the vehicle's ownership changes.



. The Volvo Lifetime Parts Warranty Scheme will remain active till the ownership of the vehicle is changed.

. This scheme covers all parts purchased after the expiry of the standard warranty and all parts installed from a Volvo Authorized workshop.

. This scheme will be applicable to all parts purchased from October 2021 and will cover both parts and labor costs.

. If any part will need to be repaired and replaced, the company will replace or correct them for free.

. Minor wear and tear of select items will not be covered under this scheme and replacement parts with a new car, the extended warranty will also not be covered.

Volvo has announced a Lifetime Parts Warranty with an aim to provide better service to its customers. This is the first service offered by a company in India that will last for a lifetime. This scheme covers parts procured after the expiry of the standard warranty and parts to be installed from a Volvo Authorized workshop.

From October 2021, this new warranty system will apply to all parts purchased, including labor and material costs. This scheme will be applicable from the day the parts are purchased and will remain active till the ownership of that car is changed.


Volvo says that any parts repair or replacement will be done free of charge at the company's authorized workshop.  However, in this warranty scheme, the company has also put some conditions which are as follow:-

. Wear and tear parts, consumables, batteries, accessories, and software not compatible with its hardware are not covered under this scheme.

. This policy does not cover replacement parts under the new car, extended warranty, or goodwill warranty.

Currently, there are five Volvo cars available for sale in India namely S60, S90, XC40, XC60, and XC90. Soon Volvo will also launch the facelift XC60 and the new S90, XC40 Recharge, and V60 cross country here.


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