2021 Tesla model Y SUV gets 5-star rating in a crash test, this car may launch in India

Tesla's Model Y has just a 7.9 per cent rollover chance, which is the least for any NHTSA tested SUV in the US to date.

2021 Tesla Model Y crash test


NHTSA performs 2021 Tesla Model Y crash test.

NHTSA acts as the apex body in determining vehicle standards and regulations in the US.

Except for the rear-wheel-drive version of the Model Y, all other variants get a 5-star rating.

Model Y's body can withstand the collision in which sitting passengers do not have any effect.

In India rather than the Model Y, Tesla may soon enter with Model 3 sedan.

Popular electric car company Tesla has achieved another feat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association of America (NHTSA) has given the Model Y SUV a 5-star safety rating in the crash test. Let us know that NHTSA sets the vehicle standard for all vehicle sold in the US and also gives them crash test rating.

Model Y has been given this rating based on the front crash test, side crash test, rollover crash test and safety features present in the vehicle. The best thing is that all the variants of the Model Y have been given a 5-star rating. Whereas in the Global NCAP crash test, only one of the variants of the vehicle is crash tested.

2021 Tesla Model Y crash test

All-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions of the Model Y were crash-tested by NHTSA. NHTSA neither did a rollover crash test of its rear-wheel-drive version not did it reveal the rating of its crash test. This means that this version would not have been rated as good. However, except for the rollover crash test, the performance of the rear-wheel-drive of the Model Y remained at par with the all-wheel-drive version.

The model Y SUV is so safe because of the lack of an engine in its front gave the engineers a good opportunity to put some features here. On the other hand, its body is so well designed that the impact of the force applied in the vehicle does not reach the passengers when the accident occurs.

2021 Tesla Model Y crash test

On the rollover front, model Y is less likely to be overturned than other SUVs sold in the US. The glass roof of the Model Y is designed in such a way that the force's impact suffers the entire roof. This prevents the danger before any damage to the passengers.

Tesla has set up a research and development wing in Bengaluru to start operations in India. There is little chance of the first introduction of the Model Y SUV in India. But all the cars of Tesla are as safe as Model Y and they have been given very good safety features. The company may first launch the model 3 sedan in India, which will be an equally safe car.

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