Nissan Magnite bookings over 15,000, maintenance cost willbe lowest

Nissan Magnite is a new model from the company that is getting a good response from customers. Nissan recently announced that this SUV is going to be the lowest in class maintenance, with the company claiming it to be 29 paise/km. At the same time, the company said that Magnite's bookings have crossed 15,000.

Nissan Magnite

Nissan Magnite booking has crossed 15,000 and the company has already received 1,50,000 inquiries within 15 days of the launch of Magnite. The company has bought it at a special price of Rs 4.99 lakh, which is valid till December 31, 2020, due to this, it is also getting great bookings.

Nissan is offering a 2-year (50,000 km) warranty on Magnite, which can be extended up to 5 years at a normal expense. At the same time, many labour free services are available on all service networks. The company has also started prepaid maintenance under the name 'Nissan Magnite Care'.

Which help customers save up to 22 per cent. This plan is available for two to five years and is available in the Nissan service network across the country. It has an option of Gold and Silver Package. where periodic maintenance service is available in gold package and basic maintenance service is silver.

This maintenance plan can be transferred with changing ownership. The company has provided a Nissan service calculator through the Nissan Service Hub or Nissan Connect, allowing customers to calculate the service cost in advance, and book the service in advance.

Nissan India has started 'pick-up and drop-off' service. The company's Nissan 24/7 roadside assistance is available in 1500 cities across the country. Nissan service hub includes company billing, doorstep car service, repair and parts guarantee etc.

Nissan Magnite interior

Under this, the team of service workers will be professional and will include several technicians with experience. Nissan service hub is also available online nowadays, where all things have gone digital, and clients can book their next car service while sitting at home.

The company is considered to be behind in this field, due to which the company has take this step. The company kept the transparency of the service cost in mind, customers just have to enter their vehicle details. The Nissan cost calculator displays the price of the customers service costs.

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