Maruti Suzuki Jimny Vs Mahindra Thar: 6 major differences between the two off-roaders

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Vs Mahindra Thar

Small, powerful and affordable off-roading cars have a different identity in the world and their fan base is also different. Suzuki Jimny's fifth-generation model launched in 2018 in many countries has become quite popular but in countries including India where this car has not been launched yet, the fans of this vehicle are still very disappointed. However, Maruti Suzuki showcased this car at the 2020 Auto Expo, saying that it can launch its 5 door version here. On the other hand, given the great popularity of Mahindra Thar, which is a three-door SUV, Maruti Suzuki can also launch a 3-door version of the Jimny in India. Let us know that the 2020 model of Thar is becoming so popular that the waiting period for this vehicle has reached 7 months. If you like these two offroaders, then here we have given details of differences between them which you will know step by step further:

The more powerful engine is given in Thar

Thar Vs Jimny engine

Both petrol and diesel engine options have been given in new Mahindra Thar. At the same time, only a 1.5-litre petrol engine is available in the global model of Jimny. If the Bs6 1.5-litre diesel engine is also offered in the Indian version of Maruti Suzuki Jimny, then the Jimny will prove to be less in power than the Thar. Take a look at the engine specification of both cars:

Thar Vs Jimny

Mahindra Thar is bigger and Jimny is a light off-road

The Indian model of Thar and the International model of Jimny are both 3 door versions but this car of Mahindra is bigger in both. Even if we assume that Maruti Suzuki will launch a 5 door version of its off-road in India, even then in terms of width and height, it will be lesser than the Thar. Like Thar, Maruti Suzuki will keep its Jimny SUV within 4 meters in size, so both the cars will going to be equal in length. However, the Jimny is also a light SUV which affects its performance as well. The Thar's diesel automatic model has a curb weight of 1783 Kg while Jimny's curb weight is 1110 kg.

Jimmy looks like a G Wagon while Thar looks like a Jeep

Suzuki Jimny

Talking about the design is a different thing, but people on the Internet had compared the Jimny and Mercedes Benz G Wagon and since the Jimny was launched earlier, people were assuming that the G Wagon is similar to the Jimny. The round headlamps and boxy shape make the Jimny look like a small G Wagon. Talking about the Thar, its looks resembles the classic Jeep and many people compare it to Jeep's expensive SUV Wrangler. Looks of both the SUVs are different but also both are rugged looking. Jimmy looks more premium, while the Thar has retro looks with its fan base.

Choice of the convertible soft top and fixed hardtop is given in Thar, no such choice is available in the Jimny.

Mahindra Thar

In the second generation model of Mahindra Thar, a choice of factory fitted convertible soft top and fixed hardtop has been given. In such a situation, these features cater to the needs of both customers who like adventure as well as who prefer practicality. Jimny, on the other hand, has only a hardtop.

Off-roading by numbers

All-wheel drive system with a low range transfer case is standard in both cars. At present, we do not have the data related to the 5 door version of the upcoming Jimny, in such a situation, we have compared the off-roading dimensions of the 3 door versions of both the SUVs.

Thar has a higher ground clearance and better water wading capacity than the Jimny. At the same time, Jimny's departure angle is steeper but Thar's approach angle is better for off-roading. The breakover angle of both the cars is almost the same, but in this case, the Jimny beats Thar by 1 degree.

Jimmy will prove to be more premium

The cabin of Thar and Jimny prove to be more useful in the comparison of many SUV in the market. Mahindra has designed the Thar cabin quite well this time with features such as roof-mounted speakers, 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, multi-information display in the centre of the instrument cluster. However, due to material quality, design around the dials and features such as auto AC, the cabin of the Jimny looks more premium.

Additional safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and 6 airbags have been given in the international model of Jimny. Even if some of these features are not given in its Indian model, this car will prove to be more premium than Thar based on the features like LED Headlamps.

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