How to sell your car in other states? And which documents are required, know here

When you go to RTO to register your new car, according to your address, in which state your car is being registered, it is decided. Every state has a different rate of tax on the purchase of new vehicles, so the on-road price of cars varies by city and state. People usually prefer to buy a car from their nearest dealership, but selling or buying their old car is a difficult task. The way of selling or buying a used car in your state is not very difficult but if you are selling or buying a second-hand car in another state, then more paperwork is required.

How to sell your car in other states? And which documents are required, know here

Here you can learn about the documents used to sell a used car but once again take a quick look at the entire list of these documents:

Certificate (RC)
Valid insurance
Pollution under
Control (PUC)
PAN Card
Address proof
Sales affidavit

Form 28
Form 29
Form 30
Apart from the documents mentioned above, to sell a car in a different state, you also need some additional documents which you will know further:

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Registered RTO

If you are going to sell your car in another state then you will need a NOC from the RTO from where your car has been registered. This document will be important for the RTO of the home state of the customer purchasing your car. Don't forget to understand it as Form 28, which is also a kind of NOC for ownership transfer.

Road Tax Receipt

Road tax is required to be filled by any other state where the car is to be registered and its payment receipt should be attached to the documents. The amount of road tax is subject to the tax slab and the value of the car applicable in that particular state and state that it is not according to the ex-showroom price given by the first owner of the car.

NCRB Report

You also have to submit a report from the National Crime Records Bureau along with some documents to confirm that you or your vehicle is not involved in any criminal case. This report can be generated by going to and entering the vehicle registration number and chassis number.

Keep in mind that the seller of the car should complete the ownership transfer process within 14 days of selling the car or as soon as possible. During this time, you have to tell the RTO that you have applied for ownership transfer along with the documents mentioned above.

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