India's most expensive electric car Mercedes EQC launched; priced Rs 99.30 lakh

The EQC is Mercedes first and most expensive luxury electric car in India. 

Mercedes Benz EQC

  • The Mercedes EQC is only available in one variant.
  • Its size is equal to GLC while its price is close to GLS.
  • It has two electric motors which draw power from 80KW battery pack.
  • The total combined power output of both the motors is 408 Ps / 760 Nm.
  • According to NEDC, this car can travel 450 km in full charge.
  • At present, there is no other car in its comparison in India.

Mercedes has launched its first all-electric luxury car EQC in India. It is the most expensive electric car in India till date. It has been introduced in only one variant and has been priced at Rs. 99.30 lakh ( ex-showroom, India ).

The company says that only the initial 50 customers will be given this electric car at this price, that is, it will be increased later. For your information, let us know that this car will be imported and sold in India.

The Mercedes EQC is designed differently from other cars in the company. Its entire body has sharp curve lines which give it a stylish and premium feel. It has a large grille with a chrome slate at the front and a big Mercedes logo in the middle. EQC is based on GLC, so its size is equal to this car. At the rear, it has only EQC badging seeing that no one can say that it is an electric car. It has a connected tail lamp which gives this vehicle a classy look.

Mercedes Benz EQC interior

In the interior, the company has followed the GLC theme, though some changes have been made to keep it apart. While round AC vents are provided in the GLC, in the EQC the AC vents is placed in the rectangular shape. Like the regular Mercedes models, it also has two horizontal screens, one of which is for the instrument cluster while the other works as an infotainment system.

Although looks are one thing, the numbers it can throw up must be the most significant feature of an electric car. The EQC comes with a battery pack of 80KWh that drives two electric motors, one on each axle. Their combined power output is 408 Ps and 760 Nm. According to NEDC ( New European Driving Cycle ), EQC can travel more than 450Km once it is fully charged. We have not checked its range yet, but it can be said that no matter how you run it it will cover at least 250 km in full charge. The Mercedes EQC takes 5.1 seconds to reach 0 to 100 kilometre per hour. This figure is quite good for a car weighing 2.5 tons.

The company will install a 7.4-kilowatt home charger with this car at your home so that the battery of this electric vehicle can be charged 10 to 100 per cent in ten hours. This car also has an emergency charging socket, so that it can be charged with a regular 15 Amp socket. This will take 21 hours to charge 10 to 100 per cent. A 50 KW DC fast charger will take only 1.5 hours to charge its battery 10 to 100 per cent.

The luxury electric car from Mercedes features a head-up display, two 12.3 inch screens, the latest MBUX infotainment system, touchpad on the steering wheel, smartphone-based connected car technology, 13-speaker Burmester sound system, three-zone climate control, 64 level ambient lighting and features like driving mode have been given. Electric specific regenerative braking technology has also been used in it which keeps charging the battery of the car while driving.

Mercedes Benz EQC

Currently, there is no car in the Mercedes Benz EQC comparison, but in 2021, it may get a competition by the entry of Audi E-Tron, Jaguar i-Pace and Tesla car. Mercedes electric car is available for sale in six Indian cities which are: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.


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